Reserve your spot at the myITforum party at MMS 2013

In, Planning your run to get your myITforum party at MMS 2013 ticket, there was a silent blurb provided for those who sat through and read the entire article.  On Friday, we decided to make an informal announcement about a way to assure your spot at the myITforum party at MMS 2013.  Today, we’re making the official announcement.

As many of you know, the myITforum party at MMS is the most sought after party ticket of the week.  It’s a great time where folks get together, eat a little, drink a little (or a lot), and network in a (most times) relaxed setting.  There’s a lot of parties put on by vendors during the week of MMS, but no other event quite like the myITforum one.  For those that have attended MMS in the past, you are probably already aware of what has been labeled the “running of the bulls”.  For those that have not attended MMS before, you’re in for a treat.

Attendance to the myITforum party is a first-come, first-serve event, where attendees must get their party ticket from the myITforum booth (743) as the MMS Expo opens.  The line to get the party tickets actually starts forming 2 to 2 1/2 hours prior to the Expo opening.  And, as the Expo opens, it’s a madhouse dash to the myITforum booth.  No one has ever been seriously hurt, but there have been stories…

Understandably, there are those who would rather NOT fight the mad rush to the myITforum booth, and would instead, for once, like to enjoy the “running of the bulls” as an outsider.  So, this year, we are offering the ability to reserve a spot to the party without having to line up early and without having to risk life and limb.

For a limited run, we are offering pre-registration for the myITforum Party at MMS 2013.  There are only 50 pre-registrations available, and they do cost a bit, but it means you don’t have to fight the crowd and you’re assured entrance to the party.  All proceeds for pre-registration goes to help with the cost of the party.  Putting a party together in Vegas isn’t cheap by any means!

If you want to reserve your spot now to the myITforum party at MMS 2013, take a look at our product page:  myITforum Store products

P.S. We only kind of hinted at this and there have been several pre-registrations already taken.  With only 50 spots available, they will go fast.  Hope to see you there!


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  1. Hi Rod,

    I would like to purchase a reserve ticket for the myITforum party at MMS 2013, but when I go to the checkout it is not available to people outside of the USA & Canada, which is an issue as I’m located in Sydney, Australia. Is there a way we can work something out to allow me to Purchase a ticket early?



  2. Cool, will there be a list at the booth or do I have to bring something with me if I purchase?

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