myITforum Tip: Join a fan club, be master over all you survey

Here’s a really cool set of tips for those who frequent myITforum that gives you the ability to join a fan club, be notified when the group is updated, and even share in updating the group yourself.

Our Community Groups are updated quite a bit with new articles, links to great information, uploads, and a stack of other things.  Some know about this already, but it’s always good to remind everyone, particularly those that have found myITforum over the past 6 months or so.

Where’s the fan clubs?

If you jump out to the Community Groups section of the site…

Community Groups

…you’ll see a huge number of IT and System Center-related groups.  The groups are a great way to join other group members in learning and sharing about the fan topic.  But, joining the group is only part of the value.  Once you join, there’s a myriad of addition components inside each one.  Things like download, Wikis, forums, etc.  Because the groups are updated frequently, how do you keep informed?  There’s a couple ways.

How to get updated

Each group has it’s own RSS feed, allowing you to stay up-to-date using your favorite RSS reader.

Group RSS

If RSS isn’t your thing, instead you can opt to receive notifications when the fan group is updated through email.  You can choose how you want to consume your notifications, choosing a weekly summary, a daily digest, only new topics, or receive an email every time the group is updated.  Some group members choose to use both RSS and email.  It’s up to you.

Email notifications

If you opt to receive emails, you’ll receive the full content of the update.  Here’s an example of an email you’ll receive:

Notification email

Be a true fan and share

Once you’ve joined a fan club and have been enjoying the updated content, you might consider sharing information you that find with the other members of the group.  To do this, we have a cool sharing component in the forum of an Internet browser plug-in.  To locate it, jump to your own site profile.

Go to your profile

On your personal profile page, there’s a link that says, “What about adding a bookmarklet in your browser bookmarks toolbar ?”.  If you click on this, a “Share on” button is revealed, allowing you to click and drag it to your browser’s toolbar.

Add to browser

So, now when you visit anywhere on the web and locate some really great information you feel would be awesome to share with your other group members, you simply click the browser component, enter your own comments about the link (the link is automatically embedded for you) and choose the fan group that you want to share the content to.

Share content

Now, all of those members of your group will be notified about some great new information.

Another really cool aspect of this is that when you share to the group, it is also stored in your own personal profile, so that you can always go back in your profile and search for it.  It’s a great way to store and keep track of content you don’t want to forget or lose – it’s Internet storage for your favorite bookmarks and information!

Create your own fan club

Fan clubs on work both ways.  Not only can you locate and join your own fan club, but as a myITforum member, you can create your own.  Don’t see one listed that you believe would be valuable?  Create it!  Be kind, though, please take some thought before creating new groups to make sure a) they are not already available, and b) that it is appropriate for the myITforum audience.  If you aren’t sure, drop us a note (

And, when you create your own group, you are immediately the fan club President!  You are in charge of inviting folks, moderating the mini-community, and teaching others how to share information.


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