Turn your Microsoft Surface into an expensive desk clock

Is it a tablet, or a laptop?  A computer, or an expensive gadget?  Well, the Microsoft Surface is a little of everything, really, but can it replace your normal setup?  In certain situations, it definitely can.  For me, I travel with nothing else these days.  The Microsoft Surface is a great, light travel companion, allowing me to breeze through airport security and it’s amazing how much lighter my load is now.  But, when I’m in the office, I am most comfortable with my favorite setup, which is a Dell mini-tower attached to four monitors.  The Surface can’t do that, unfortunately.  So, when I’m in the office I use the Microsoft Surface for something else:  an expensive desk clock.  Well, that, and a charging station for my smartphone.

The Microsoft Surface is a versatile piece of equipment.  So, while I’m working on my regular setup, I have the Microsoft Surface, with kickstand engaged, running a full-screen clock app so I can glance quickly to see the time and date.

My expensive desk clock

You can do this too.  Here’s a three of my favorite apps that you can test out and decide which one you like the best.


My Favorite

Sunrise Clock & Alarm is $1.49 from the Windows Store, but well worth the price.  It not only includes a clock with different backgrounds you can choose, but it also has an alarm clock, which is great for traveling.  It has many additional features that make it worth the purchase.

Sunrise Clock & Alarm app for Windows in the Windows Store http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/a6c49a1e-10a7-40f0-8d8c-40b3461d99a1 


My Second Favorite

Clock is completely free, but has ads.   You can purchase an ad-free version, but the ads are not annoying in any way.  The background image changes once a month, includes a stopwatch and timer, and also has an alarm clock.

Clock app for Windows in the Windows Store http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/ce1b0c07-940f-4ba4-a0c1-67ce8c51093e 


Simple and Adequate

Digital Table Clock is a simple, ad-free clock.  It displays the date and time and that’s about it. But, for a lot of folks, particularly those enjoying the Windows 8 minimalist interface, this is a great solution.

Digital Table Clock app for Windows in the Windows Store http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/3e118bbd-0c45-4888-accf-9395f5e9d3d5 

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