Flexera releases FlexNet Manager Platform 9.2 and App Portal 7.5

Last month Flexera released upgrades to it’s SAM tools allowing for more Software Asset Management (SAM) features and functionality. One of the new product features is integration between FlexNet Manager Platform (FNMP) and App Portal (SCCM Expert). The two product upgrades allows App Portal to utilize the software asset data from FNMP in the following ways:

  • Software Asset Data from FlexNet Manager Platform
    App Portal can obtain asset data from FlexNet Manager Platform, for each application, including the number of licenses owned, how many copies of the software are installed and/or in use and how many licenses are currently available. During approval processes, requests are routed automatically based on this data. App Portal leverages the Application Recognition Library (ARL) in the Platform to obtain information on what applications are installed on each device. The ARL covers more than 110,000 commercial applications from 14,000+ software vendors across multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX (including over 2,000 IBM titles), and MAC OS.
  • Asset Data Filtered by Enterprise Groups
    Obtain software asset data per application filtered by Enterprise Groups for licenses that are allocated to specific departments, cost centers or countries rather than globally allocated. Enterprise Groups contain the number of licenses owned, how many are in use and how many are currently available.
  • License Availability Check and Reservation
    When a user orders a catalog item from the app store, App Portal sends an inquiry to FlexNet Manager Platform to have it check for available licenses for the requested application. If a license is available it is reserved during the approval and fulfillment processes, ensuring that the software is able to be installed on the user’s computer once all approvals are obtained.
  • License Reclamation
    Using installation and usage data from FlexNet Manager Platform, administrators can conduct an email campaign giving people the option of keeping an unused application or surrendering it. If a user elects to surrender a license, SCCM can be used to uninstall the application and return the license to the license pool.
  • Shared Application Identity Using the Flexera ID
    The Flexera ID key is defined in FlexNet Manager Platform and shared with App Portal to maintain a consistent application identity with App Portal. This allows App Portal to maintain a permanent relationship with the application Identity even when new minor versions are released or the license entitlements change.

I hope to drill down on more key features in the future as time allows. For now, see all of the new feature for these two products by clicking the following links:

FNMP New 9.2 Features

App Portal 7.5 New Features

When FNMP version 9 was released I posted the following article containing more details about the FNMP product and links to other products from Flexera that are dependent on FNMP. The links in that article will direct you to the newest product versions.  SAM Tools- Flexera FlexNet Manger Suite 9 Released.


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