System Center 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 2 to be released for MMS 2013

Microsoft needs announcements for their premiere System Center event, the Microsoft Management Summit.  Each year, we anticipate at least some sort of announcement.  Of course, there’s enough new in the Service Pack 1 release to talk about, but as part of a post from Travis Wright on an updated Exchange Connector coming for Service Manager, we now know that Update Rollup 2 will be released in time for MMS 2013.

Also in Travis’ post, you’ll read about some cool features coming in UR2.  I’m surprised, though, that he does give a date for release.  While it’s not an exact date, Microsoft has always been extremely careful about even giving a month.  With the new product updating system, they seem a lot more confident in their release dates.

Read Travis’ post: Update on Exchange Connector


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