Solution: Outlook (2007,2010,2013,365) prompts me for credentials each time I open


When your IT administrators update their exchange server or you switch to a new DNS alias or up in the cloud windows adds these new Generic Credentials into the Credentials Vault of your user account.  When more than one exists for a single account Outlook gets confused and prompts you.


  1. Close Microsoft Office
  2. Windows 7 and before
    1. From the Windows Start button, select Control Panel
    2. Click User Accounts
    3. Click Credentials Manager
  3. Windows 8
    1. Start button
    2. Type in Windows Credentials Manager
    3. Select Settings on the left side
    4. Select  Windows Credentials Manager
  4. In the Generic Credentials section (bottom)
    1. You’re looking for credentials that begin MS.Outlook or something similar for your mail server (It will be obvious)
    2. For each credential that begins with MS.Outlook
      1. Click the details button drop down (circle with a downward arrow next to the Modified date)
      2. Click Remove
    3. Repeat steps for each credential that begins MS.Outlook
  5. Close the Credentials Manager and Control Panel
  6. Launch Outlook
  7. You should be prompted for each account in Outlook
    1. You should only be prompted on this initial startup


Another fun tip to make outlook run better is to use the /CleanFreeBusy start up switch

The /CleanFreeBusy switch will reset all of your pending Outlook meeting invites.  This will clear any conflicts and again make Outlook faster.




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  1. Mr.Brown

    Make sure the time on all your servers is in sync. If the time on two of your domain controllers is off by more than 5 mins you will get this for some clients. It took me two days to narrow it down and once I fixed the time on one of my servers all the weirdness went away.

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