Connecting a Bluetooth device on the Microsoft Surface RT

My wife was working on some things last night and needed some quiet so I decided to rev up XBOX Movies on my Microsoft Surface instead of turning the TV on.  I have an awesome Jabra Bluetooth headset that I use for running that connects to my Motorola MotoACTV.  The Jabra Freedom has fins that attach so it won’t pop out of your ears when you’re running.  The MotoACTV is an Android GPS sports device that keeps track of many things like distance, time, calories burned, etc.  I use it in wristwatch mode when running, but also have a bike attachment and also an armband for other exercise activities.

I hadn’t paired the headset to the Microsoft Surface yet, so I went looking to see about getting it done so I could watch my movie.  Per the specs, the Microsoft Surface includes Bluetooth 4.0 so connection should be easy.  Bluetooth 4.0 is an energy efficient improvement over previous versions and also provides complete backward compatibility.  If you’ve not used Windows 8 before, locating the option to pair a Bluetooth device might be a new experience.  It was for me, and took me a bit to find it.  And, if it was tough for me, I figured I might as well share the steps because someone else will probably need some quick instructions, too.

To pair a Bluetooth device, do this:

1. On a touchscreen, swipe from the right to pull out the menu, choose Settings, then choose Change PC Settings.

Screenshot (22)

2. Tap on the Devices option in the list and and then tap Add a device.

Screenshot (23)

3. Now, use the instructions that came with your Bluetooth device for putting the device into pairing mode.  Windows 8 locates the device pretty quickly.  Some devices require you to enter a pairing code.  In my case, with the Jabra headset, Windows 8 took care of the code on it’s own somehow so I didn’t need to enter the code.

It was pretty simple to do, and really, the option to perform the function is in a logical place, I just wasn’t aware of the location yet.


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    Hi, thanks for the tip. Actually, even before I have read your tip, I have already tried connecting my Surface RT to my laptop through Bluetooth. Both run in Win8.1 already. Both gadgets recognize each other, as they both could be seen on devices connected to each of them. But I still could not send files through BT between them. On my laptop, it often says “Devise Object Push Service is not available or busy.” Why is this? I have recently bought Surface RT for its connectivity features (WiFi and BT) not to mention hassle free shuffling of my work files on MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint between the two. But, the BT connection pisses me off a lot. Should I send back the unit?

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