Poll: Which System Center pieces are you most looking to learn about at MMS 2013?

MMS 2013 will contain it’s share of announcements and fluff (it’s a Microsoft conference, it can’t be helped), but MMS 2013 will also be heavily focused on training.  That’s one key component (besides the heavy community aspect) that you will not find at any other conference next year.  Folks have said it before, but it still rings true – even moreso this year – a week at the Microsoft Management Summit is worth more than several weeks sitting in a formal training class.  You can spend thousands of dollars next year on training classes, or you can attend MMS 2013 and go back to your respective jobs and actually fix things, and implement things, and take those relationships built through networking at the conference to provide better support the entire year.

OK, so we’re curious.  Since MMS 2013 is focused heavily on training, which components of System Center 2012 are you most looking forward to learning about?  Take this quick poll to let us know (incidentally, this will help build the official content for the MMS 2013 sessions).



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