Is your boss happy with your software license management approach?

According to a new survey done by Flexera Software and Internatinal Data Corp (IDC), probably not… The survey indicates that only 8% of enterprise executives are very satisfied.  One third of enterprises said they are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their current method for managing software licenses and usage. Was your boss among them? Maybe it’s time to assess your Software Asset Managemen(SAM) program.

By drilling down a bit more, here are some key concerns contributing to the dissatisfaction :

  • 38% of enterprises indicated that 11% or more of their application expendatures are associated with applications that are overused, and therefore out of compliance, up from 26% one year ago.
  • 64% of enterprises reported that they have been audited over the last 18-24 months.
  • Large enterprises, defined in the report as those with greater than $1B in revenue, were significantly more likely to be audited three times or more in the last 18-24 months.
  • 24% of enterprises said their total true-up paid over the past year was $1 million or more.

Bottom line, organizations are facing considerable risk in the form of software licensing non-compliance. This over use of software represents a leaking revenue stream for software vendors. In turn, software vendors are attempting to stop the by auditing and litigation. Organizations need to be aware of their software license position which takes into acount the following: 

  • Contracts with software vendors
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Installed software

Read the entire post by Flexera. The survey is entitled 2012 Key Trends in Software Pricing & Licensing Survey and is a good resource for benchmarking your SAM program.  For more articles like this one click either of the following links: Software Asset Management, Software Licensing



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