The Planning Guide to Consumerization

Intel has put together a planning guide, of sorts, for Consumerization.  It’s not spot-on, but there’s a lot of pieces within the doc that can help you a) understand things like consumerization and BYOD, and b) figure out if this industry concept is worth looking into for your company.

Grab the guide:  Planning Guide: Five Steps to Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise

Intel has broken down consumerization planning into 5 steps, which they expound on in about 17 pages.  Here’s the 5 steps:

  • Understand the powerful—and inevitable—forces shaping consumerization today.
  • Rethink user computing to optimize the compute experience and keep users productive on any device.
  • Create an inclusive approach by addressing both employee-owned and employer-provided devices, and opening up a two-way channel of communication with employees.
  • Support employee-owned devices with best practices that address a user-centered strategy and the inherent security issues around BYO.
  • Recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for consumerization: The diverse roles and responsibilities in the enterprise come with a range of technology needs.

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