Good Technology Sues AirWatch and MobileIron

The mobile space is definitely becoming mainstream and various companies have taken legal actions to hold their ground and a piece of the potential business. Recently Apple and Samsung battled it out and in the past such legal moves has shaped the various products used for computing for a longer period of time. Recently larger companies, perhaps foes between themselves, have even bounded together to purchase important patent holdings.

I’m not a patent expert, so this probably could drag out in court for some time and no-one will state much about it until settled one way or the other. But these appear to be some very fundamental patents Good referenced in the court papers. Here is a listing of them and the direct US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) links:

This could have the potential to shift some of the balance between the current MDM vendors, open up cross licensing opportunities for specific features, or perhaps even potential buy-outs. Time will tell if some software code changes can get some out of the hot water.

All the gory details have been posted here:



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  1. Way to go US Patent office for protecting these outstanding ‘inventions’ that Good Technologies inventors invented! How much ancient BlackBerry and Microsoft CE prior art exists on these things?

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