Executing command-line applications quickly in Windows 8/RT

This little tip works with both Windows 8 Pro and also Windows RT (Microsoft Surface).  If you want to run a command quickly, for example “CMD”, but don’t want to sift through the All Apps mess, it’s pretty easy.  If you know the CMD shell command you want to run, do this (using CMD as an example):

1. Bring up the Charms menu and choose Search.


2. Type in “cmd” and hit the Enter (or wait until “Command Prompt” shows up in the Search pane and launch it)



Feel free to try this with other command-line apps you know, like NETSH and others.


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  1. Great tip, I just wanted to note you really don’t need to the the search part. Just press the Windows key and type CMD and press enter.

  2. You can also just hit Windows Key + R from any app, type CMD and press enter.

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