Organizing your Windows 8/RT Tile groups

In “Zoom, navigate and organize the Windows 8 Start screen” I’ve already talked about how to work with the Titles on the Windows 8/RT Start screen.  In that article I walked through how to navigate the Start screen more easily, and also covered how to organize and then name your Tile (app) groups.  But, you can go even one step further to make your Start screen more manageable and easier to locate the apps you want to execute.

Once you’ve followed the steps to organize your Tiles into categories (again, see the link to the previous article if you missed it) and named each category, you should consider reorganizing your Tile groups in locations on the Start screen in relation to how often you use the apps in that category.  For example, if you’ve created a Tile group just for email and then one for Microsoft Office apps, you might consider putting those Tile groups right next to each other.

To do it:

Use the Zoom technique to get a full view of the Start screen (described in the previous article), then…

On a touch-screen device:

With your finger, simply drag and drop the Tile group to the location you prefer.

For mouse and keyboard users:

Left-click the Tile group with the mouse button and drag the Tile group to the location you prefer.

Reorganized Tile groups


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