Microsoft Surface RT gets a firmware update and two security patches

Available through Windows Update today, Microsoft has issued 8 updates that are applicable for the Microsoft Surface RT.  Two are security updates and one is an actual Firmware update that brings added performance for application execution.  After the update apps are responding faster, launching almost 2 second faster than before.  That may not sound like a big improvement, but it is.

If you can wait (and you left the Windows Update settings at their defaults), the Microsoft Surface will update on it’s own.  However, if, like me, you just can’t wait, you can initiate the update manually by going to Charms – Settings – Change PC Settings – Windows Update and clicking or tapping the Check for updates now option.

Check Windows Update

Updating (7 patches and 1 firmware update) took 12-15 minutes.

Here’s some pictures from the process…

Install Updates Prepping to Restart

System Update


P.S. There’s also an update to the Office 2013 Student preview installed on the Microsoft Surface.  You have to go in manually after all updates have applied to find it.  In fact, it’s funny…you can only find the update if you go to the old version of Windows Update (i.e., in Control Panel).


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