Google comes to Windows RT

Bing is a great search engine and an awesome and seamless way to search the web on the Microsoft Surface.  But, you kind of knew this was coming.  Google has released a search component for the Microsoft Surface, specifically for Windows RT, that allows you to add Google search and apps to the Windows RT mix.

The app is a standard Google app, giving you access to the Google search engine from the Windows RT charms menu.

Google app

It also provides a single page with shortcuts to the various Google apps and services.

Google apps shortcuts

But, the one key and important piece of the app (the piece that makes it different), and the one I’ll actually be using, is the built-in voice search.  However, even the voice search is a bit more time consuming that it should be.  When you initiate the voice search, Google allows you to speak your search terms, but it then requires you to tap the screen when the search string is correct.  And, then once you’ve negotiated the proper search string, you still have to tap the search icon to complete the search.  For me…anything voice search enabled should be completely hands-free.  Oh well…maybe in a future update Google can enhance this.

Voice search

Get the app if you want to try it out.

Google app

Google Search app for Windows in the Windows Store

Learn more about Google Search by Google Inc and download it from the Windows Store



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