BSA Offers SAM Courses and Certification

The Software Alliance is entering the training and certification business. I wonder if there will be much interest generated. The course is called SAM Advanatage and here is the link to the course FAQ. I’m not exactly sure what to make of it of SAM Advantage. I’ll let you decide. Here are a few details:

What is SAM Advantage? SAM Advantage is the first industry training course developed around the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 software asset management (SAM) standard. This course is an international collaboration and builds from the expertise of the Business Software Alliance, leading business software publishers, and established SAM practitioners.

Why should I take this course? SAM Advantage will provide the critical benefit of giving you the knowledge necessary to successfully implement best practice SAM in any organization, reduce risk and increase overall IT benefits. The information learned from this course extends to the individual IT practitioner interested in SAM, to the SAM adopting organization and the partner/reseller wishing to extend their knowledge into a value-added benefit for their own customers.

How long is SAM Advantage? SAM Advantage is delivered via an innovative online training portal. On average, it will take approximately 20 hours to complete the entire four-tiered course. You can stop the course at any point and pick up again later where you left off. There is no time limit for completing the full course.

How much does the course cost? SAM Advantage will be offered for $1500 USD per user. Volume pricing for two or more registrants from the same organization are available. Please contact for more information.

Will I be certified after taking this course? Successful completion of SAM Advantage leads to a CSS(P) certification. A distinct qualification, the CSS(P) certification conveys:

  • Knowledge of ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 objectives
  • Mastery of processes required to implement ISO/IEC-aligned SAM programs
  • Expertise to work across the installed software base
  • Understanding of the business and technical issues facing organizations

Do I have to pay for certification? The certification is free and is given to all individuals who successfully pass the assessment tests in all four Tiers.




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