Retrieving POP3 emails on the Microsoft Surface

The mail app that comes with Windows 8/RT does not support POP3 email retrieval.  It only supports IMAP.  So what do you do if your email server or your ISPs email server only supports POP3?  Here’s a quick way to configure the Windows 8/RT mail app so you’ll still be able to get your emails.

Using an account (or, jump into the web app.

Click the Configure button and choose More mail settings.

More mail settings

In the Managing your account area, choose Sending/Receiving email from other accounts.

Sending/receiving email from other accounts

Choose the Add an email account option.

Add an email account

Enter the email address you want to setup, and then choose Advanced options.

Advanced options

Configure your POP3 server information, along with the SSL and Port number options.  Also, make sure to tell how to handle the message retrieval, i.e., leave it on the server or delete it after downloading.

Enter the user login name and password and choose Next.

POP3 Server Settings

After thinks a bit, you can then choose how should store the retrieve email messages.  Since I’ve setup multiple accounts, I prefer each account gets it’s own folder, but it’s completely up to you.

Configure the folder

The next time the Windows 8/RT email app syncs, the new folder will show up as shown below.

New folder


You would think that by now, the account would be completely setup and you’d be done, but there’s one last step.  You will receive a verification email from to ensure that the account you setup is indeed yours.  Once you click the verification link, the new POP3 account is setup.  The email looks like this:




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  1. Jamila Ebrahim

    Why not use Skycap Mail? It does both POP3 and IMAP for an unlimited number of accounts.

    • Didn’t know that was available. Checking it out now. So far, seems to not like alternate ports for imap.

      • Jamila Ebrahim

        If you add Other accounts. You can specify a particular port for incoming and outgoing mails. Is this not the case?

        • Did that. Just doesn’t like the port I entered (which is the correct port)

          • Codelogic Support

            Hi Rod

            This is Mark from Codelogic (Pty) Ltd. We were referred to this forum by Mrs. Jamila Ebrahim.

            We would like to apologise for the difficulty you are experiencing in using our product. We would also like to assist you in resolving this issue.
            Kindly send an email to with all the information regarding how you are attempting to connect to your IMAP account (supply test account details so as not to compromise security on your mail account).


            Kind Regards,

  2. Jamila Ebrahim

    I am using the app so emailed support… they asked if you could email your issue to hope you get your answers :)

  3. Stu

    Hi all, having problems with retrieving ‘old emails’, never had any problems on the old pc, now using surface 2. Also seem to lose emails once in a blue moon? Any ideas? Cheers

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