Multiple Play Webinar: SAP Software Licenses Could be Costing You

SAP Software Licenses Could be Costing You :

  • Wednesday, 10th October – 10:00 am (US Central)
  • Wednesday, 17th October – 11:00 am (United Kingdom)
  • Thursday, 18th October – 9:00 am (Sydney, Australia)

Duplicate Users, Misclassified Users, Unused Licenses—all of these could mean that you are spending too much on SAP named user licenses. Attend this Webinar to learn how to optimize your SAP software licensing to reduce costs and be audit ready.

Learn about:

  • SAP Named User license management
  • Identifying and consolidating duplicate users (and why the SAP LAW report falls short)
  • Determining the optimal license classification for each user (Developer, Professional, Limited Pro, etc.) based on tracking and analysis of real usage data
  • The new release of FlexNet Manager for SAP

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