How you can participate in Windows Server 2012 Launch Week, courtesy of myITforum

I told you already about our live event in the Microsoft studios next week, but we also wanted to make you aware of a special Twitter hashtag specific to the Windows Server 2012 launch so you can follow all the week’s activity and news.

The hashtag: #WinServ

And, to take it a step further, we’ve also created a special Windows Server 2012 Launch page that will allow you to monitor all the goodness and participate directly with all those involved with Launch Week at Microsoft’s Redmond campus.

Visit the following page before, during, and after Launch Week to learn about Windows Server 2012:

Live Launch!

So, if you missed our announcement about our participation in Windows Server 2012 Launch Week, read about it here: myITforum will be live from the Windows Server 2012 launch in Redmond


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