Infographic: Big Data and how it is changing the experience of higher learning

“Big Data” is being used as a buzzword just about everywhere you look, however, there’s an opportunity here that I think some folks may miss if they’re not careful.  Sure, industry buzzwords can get extremely annoying after a time, but there’s always something useful to be gleaned, once you get past the initial annoyance.  The Cloud, BYOD, and even BIG DATA, can have opportunities associated with them.

Big Data will be around for a while, no matter what it eventually evolves into, so why not take advantage of it and incorporate it into college classes?  Taking just a couple extra classes on Big Data (or other industry terms) gives you immediate recognition to employers that are just now starting to look for employees who have this type of knowledge.  And, since things like Big Data will be around a while, recommend taking classes to your kids and younger relatives.

The world of technology is changing.  Don’t let it pass you by.

How Big Data is Changing the College Experience
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