30,000 workstations at Saudi Oil Giant Aramco attacked by Malware

Quite interesting.  There are a number of people from Aramco that use, and have used (for years), myITforum for support and community.  I noticed last week that a number of emails were bouncing back undelivered from the domain in the email list monitoring software.  I thought they were just having an intermittant issue with the domain or the email servers – I had no idea that the issue they were facing was a bit more serious.  One of my long-time friends who works at Saudi Aramco told me about the real issue late last week.

But, now the “issue” has become bigger news and has started hitting the newswires.  Here’s one at SecurityWeek that explains it:  Saudi Oil Giant Aramco Says Things are Fine After Cyber Attack

And, some more links…

Here’s what Saudi Aramco’s web site looks like today…


Saudi Aramco website


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