Disabling the Windows 8 Profile Creation Animation

It was only a matter of hours after the Windows 8 RTM bits hit the VLSC site before I was logging in to a Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit virtual machine to start the test drive. About five seconds later I was rolling my eyes courtesy of the default profile creation animations:

…and so on.

Two thoughts immediately popped to mind:

  1. There’s no way I’m going to let enterprise users sit through this cheesy animation.
  2. This animation takes too long…the user should be at the Start screen well before this thing runs its course.

There’s good news and bad news here.

The good news is that this setting can be controlled with Group Policy.  The setting is under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > SystemLogon

Simply set the “Show first sign-in animation” to Disabled.

Now when you log in with a new user, you will get a more standard “Preparing Windows” screen while the profile is created:

Now for the bad news: by default this setting is not available in standard AD Group Policy…

…so you’re going to have to create your own custom template if you want to centrally manage that setting (I’m sure that will change soon).



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  1. The setting is present on Windows Server 2012 machines :-) You would need to follow the standard process for updating the ADMX files to get the new policies on older machines. So creating a custom file isn’t required.

  2. Thanks, Michael! At the time I didn’t have Server 2012 handy so I didn’t have a way to check :)

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