"Send to Kindle" browser component works extremely well

Send to Kindle” has been around for a bit, allowing you to send documents and emails to your Kindle reading device, but not as a browser component.  Amazon.com, today, released a component for Google Chrome that works extremely well.  Amazon.com is promising components for Firefox and Safari soon, but no mention for any other browsers (ahem…Internet Explorer).

The component works great, however, I’m a pretty big fan of Evernote – which does similar stuff.  And, with Evernote you can clip portions of the page instead of the entire page.  However, the Kindle component does a great job idenifying the right parts of the page to clip – well, at least for myITforum.com it does.

Check out the other “Send to Kindle” options, and download the Chrome component here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle

Here’s how it works

Once you install the component, you are whisked away to the Amazon.com web site to choose your delivery options and assign your registered devices you want to participate in receiving “Send to Kindle” operations.

Delivery options

After install, you’ll find a “Kindle” icon on your Chrome taskbar.

Kindle icon

You can choose to Send immediately, or Preview & Send.  I think I prefer the Preview & Send option so I can tell if it’s going to look good on the Kindle or not.

Luckily, myITforum.com’s pages and articles all look great using the tool.  Here’s an in-browser preview…

Article preview

Once you click Send, you can jump out to your Kindle device and sync new items.

Here’s what the article above looks like in the Kindle software on my Motorola Xoom…

Kindle article in the library Kindle Article page 1 Kindle Article page 2


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