Infographic: Your automobile is now more robot than car

It’s amazing how far things have progressed in the world of automobiles.  In the 60′s through the 90′s, technology was used to improve safety in automobiles.  Now that those areas have been covered, automobile manufacturers are turning more toward developing the user experience.  To me, this only complicates matters when you can access Facebook from your car console.  If it’s illegal to text while driving due to safety, it’s now OK to use Facebook in a car?  So…all that work on safety for the past 40 years is now gone to naught because we need our Facebook.

And, talk about real-world stalking.  Someone checks into Facebook from a cafe and you are alerted in your car console. You look at your watch and figure “you’re only 5 minutes away” – so you stop by the cafe to a very uncomfortable “hello”.  How creepy is that?  There are just some things that shouldn’t exist in a car, IMO.

OK, enough of that.  There’s actually a pretty interesting Infographic, showing how technology in the car industry has changed.

Car digital technology infographic.
Infographic by: Allianz Australia Car Insurance.


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