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I’ve touted Windows Live Writer (WLW) for years for posting to myITforum.com and other places.  It’s been a good experience – an easy app to use with lots of features.  As you may not know, WLW is really no longer supported by Microsoft and the plugins for WLW are definitely no longer supported.  So, I set out this week to locate a replacement.

Sure, you can just use the online, web-based tool to post articles, but I specifically like the ability to work up posts and ideas and save them offline until they are ready to be posted.  This is the primary reason for a desktop tool.

So, I took a list of available blogging tools and ran them through their paces.  Being a Windows user, here’s the list I went through:

After much deliberation, I finally decided that, for my needs, WebStory is the best solution, and this is what we will be recommending here on myITforum.com for our authors.  After using it for a few days, and shaking off the WLW methods of posting, I find it refreshing and just as easy to post.  And, it actually does a LOT better than WLW did with formatting.  Setup is quick and easy and there’s quite a few options available to enhance posts during the publishing process – like utilizing Tag services to make sure the articles get the best attribution in search engines.

Another cool thing is that is stores your posts in an offline database instead of having to query the web site constantly to retrieve old posts for updating. It also syncs and stores comments posted to articles so you can interact with your posts offline, too.

WebStory is free and can be downloaded from here:  http://webstory.my/download/

My next favorite was BlogJet because it’s so very similar to WLW.  However, it has a $30 price tag.  If you’re looking for a new offline blogging tool, jump through the list I posted.  You may find one that you like better – hey, we’re not all the same.



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  1. What about using Word 2013 Tech Preview?

  2. Thank you so much for the link to WebStory! It looks great so far. I’ve been looking for a blog offline client for some time with no luck. I’ve been using ScribeFire (Firefox addon) but it doesn’t work with my private blog. And WebStory does! It previews posts with blog’s templates and connects picasa albums as well. This is very cool!

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