The phrase “Asset Intelligence” gets trademarked

Huh?  Seriously.  Apparently, in May 2012 InControl was granted the registered trademark for the phrase “Asset Intelligence”.

Asset Intelligence trademarked by InControl

How is this possible?  If you do a quick web search you’ll see the phrase “Asset Intelligence” on thousands of web sites, and a lot of those are on Microsoft properties.  How will this effect the content on the web?


As a follow-up, Steve gave some excellent insight in the comments section of this post.  I wanted to highlight them directly into the article so you can get them first-hand, without dropping down to the comments section (unless, of course, you want to comment, too).  Steve was a co-founder and VP of product management at AssetMetrix when it was sold to Microsoft, so he knows about this stuff.

Here’s what Steve had to say:


Here’s the link from the comment for those that want to read it:


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  1. FYI: AssetMetrix filed for such a Trademark in 2004. ( The filing was then – I presume – assumed by Microsoft when it acquired AssetMetrix.

    But it appears (from the above website) that InControl filed to contest, and due to a series of apparent blunders on the ‘AssetMetrix’ lawyers part (old mailing address, failure to respond within 30 days ) InControl received consent from the Patent Office to be granted the term ‘AssetIntelligence’. Either Microsoft didn’t care… or overlooked the patent filing they acquired from AssetMetrix. FYI.

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