Lenovo gets up to speed, releases driver packs for ConfigMgr

Announced in the Lenovo Community forums on July 17, 2012, Lenovo has finally stepped-up and is releasing Driver Packs for Configuration Manager, joining the likes of Dell and HP for providing for Enterprise Management.

The Driver Packs are a bit harder to locate than they are for Dell and HP.  You have to hit the Drivers & Software page on the Lenovo site, then walk through their wizard to identify the model of PC for which you want drivers.  Once you do that, you can jump to the Enterprise Management spot and grab the SCCM Packs for the various processor types.

Here’s an example:

SCCM Driver Pack for Thinkpad T430s

EXTRA: As noted by others, not ALL models currently have a Driver Pack available.  The only one’s currently available are the one’s listed in the forum announcement mentioned at the beginning of the article.  Here’s the link again…

Introducing ThinkPad Driver Packs for SCCM…

If the model you are looking for does not have the Enterprise Management section on its download page, it’s just not available yet.  Keep watching.  Lenovo is working on it.


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  1. OMG, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is good news! Hopefully they will back-populate for other models. We have T410s and T420 models. The ‘Enterprise Management’ section isn’t there yet. But I’ll keep checking! thanks for posting this Rod!

  3. LawrenceGarvin

    Not quite sure I’d characterize this capability as “joining the likes of Dell and HP”. Dell and HP produce an actual *catalog*, with detection and installation logic, that can be simply imported IN-TOTO into SCUP or compatible products.

    Looks to me like all Lenovo has done is provide an easier way to get a collection of EXEs for the driver package, but the end-user is still going to have to write their own package metadata. How is that different than what existed previously, except they’ve built a tool to bundle the driver installers into a single downloadable?

    Don’t get me wrong, the tool is great — HP and Dell should try the same thing so it’s not such an onerous task to find their drivers either.

    But a *catalog* this does not make, and why this is characterized as “for ConfigMgr” is somewhat boggling my mind.

  4. viveks

    I am looking for the SCCM Driver pack for Lenovo T440 Model on Windows 7 Platform. Anyone could help me to find out one for me.

    • Mike Chace

      They aren’t available yet. I have been looking every day for the packs for T440p, T440s, X240 & M93. They just aren’t out yet for Windows 7

  5. Idit Bnaya

    I am looking for SCCM BootPE Drivers for Lenovo E330 Model on Win7.

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