Windows Intune 3.0 complete overview

Simon Bisson has given the most complete and totally interesting overview of the feature set of Windows Intune 3.0 that I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a few).  Kudos to Simon!  The post on ZDNet takes you through the new features of Windows 3.0 including synching your local AD to use those accounts instead of Live ID accounts to manager devices, the new web-based user portal function, and even the MDM features that are helping Microsoft keep on top of the BYOD craze.

If you read deep, deep between the lines you should start to see something interesting.  The following excerpts should give you hints into direction for both Windows Intune and other comparable System Center 2012 suite components.  I’ll leave it to you to contemplate and comment without further commentary.

Excerpt 1:

It’s clear that Intune is an important piece of Microsoft’s management tools strategy. Improved alignment between the System Center and Intune teams means it’s easy for administrators to switch from one platform to the other, with many common features. Intune brings together tools from Configuration Manager and Operations Manager, giving you much of what you need to manage users and devices in small and medium-sized businesses, while letting you pay for what you use.

Excerpt 2:

With Intune 3.0 now offering this range of capabilities there remains one final question: why use on-premises management tools at all?

Read the full overview:  Windows Intune 3.0: Preview


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