Sybex announces Microsoft Private Cloud Computing book

Microsoft Private Cloud Computing

Releasing on July 3, 2012, this book is being touted as the definitive “How-to” guide to walk through setting up a Private Cloud within your organization utilizing Microsoft technologies.  This book will discuss products like Hyper-V, VMM 2012, and Microsoft App Controller.

This is also one of those situations where the paperback version of the book is actually cheaper than the Kindle Edition.  Paperback is around $30 while the Kindle Edition is around $40.  I shake my head at these types of offerings.  I guess the publisher is pushing resource waste for some reason.  I still don’t understand this yet, unless it has something to do with publishers not swinging into the electronic publishing world quick enough – i.e., old world publishers still smoking bad cigars, stuck in old world publishing processes.  Maybe someone could explain this to me someday.

The book is written by a couple MVPs you should already recognize in the Virtualization industry, namely Aidan Finn and Hans Vredevoort.  It is also co-authored by Patrick Lownds and Damian Flynn.

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