Roll your own OpsMgr 2012 dashboards with this download

On Facebook today, I saw that someone had created a “Hello Kitty” dashboard for their OpsMgr 2012 console, and it got me wondering what else could be created.  So, after digging around a bit, I found a post that I missed last week due to being busy at TechEd 2012.  Satya Vel posted up some information and also a tool to download on how to create your own, customized dashboards.

Download the tool:  Dashboard Auth Tool Samples And

Read the full post: Free Windows Server 2008 Dashboards for OpsMgr 2012 and TOOL to help create your own Customized Dashboards

You may not feel the need to create a “Hello Kitty” dashboard to show off, but let us know what you do come up with.  Feel free to share your customized consoles.

Hello Kitty dashboard


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