Paul Thurrott confirms (kinda) what I’ve been seeing: Windows 8 is not for business

Various places I’ve visited recently are telling a significant tale about the future of Windows 8, and specifically, the future of Windows 8 in business.  Windows 8 scares IT.  The interface is meant for touchscreens, and although folks using it on desktops and laptops have become accustomed to it and might think it’s “OK” as a desktop OS, it’s strikingly clear that Windows 8 is meant to be “touched”.

Chatting with folks at a conference recently, it became more evident that Windows 8 may actually be spurring quicker adoption of Windows 7.  Windows 7 deployments have become stalled due to other burning IT issues, namely BYOD, support, SAM (thanks Adobe), System Center upgrades, and others (*ahem* “cloud”).  But, now with Windows 8 on the horizon, they are attempting to rev up the migration engines quickly just so no one in the business line gets any ideas about skipping Windows 7 for Windows 8.  There’s a whole end-user retraining issue around Windows 8 that is sure to be a nightmare.

In a post, Paul goes into this a bit further and delves into the “what are they thinking??!!” side of the tale.  It’s a good read if you have a few minutes.

The link: Did Microsoft Just Give Up on Windows 8 for Businesses?


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