Brushy gets his own celebrity page

Everybody loves Brushy.  Who is Brushy?  Brushy is a MMS/myITforum celebrity who has a long history of sowing the seeds of geek just about everywhere he travels.

OK…seriously now.  Brushy is a booth giveaway we handed out at MMS 2010, but was such a popular giveaway people have taken their little Brushy buddy just about everywhere they travel and taken photos in some curious, historic, and awesome places. In reality, Brushy is a keyboard brush with a smile that is molded to sit on top of your monitor for easy access.  But, as with most things, has taken on a life of its own.

If you have your own Brushy and have been hankering to get your photos online, you can now post them to the Facebook celebrity page and keep track of your own travel buddy photos.  Or, just visit the page and keep track of everyone else.  Most folks there you’ll probably already recognize from the community and from MMS.

The link:

Brushy celebrity page on Facebook


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