Configuration Manager 2012 Software Inventory Missing?

So if you are familiar with ConfigMgr 2007 you probably got used to whipping through the site setup. With a few clicks I could have a new site configured with the basics in no time at all and get my hands into configuring the rest of the site without worry that I’d be missing anything.

In ConfigMgr 2012 however it’s very easy to miss correctly enabling Software Inventory on your clients in a new 2012 site. As you set up client defaults you’ll notice by default Software Inventory is enabled however in ConfigMgr 2012 RTM there are no file types set to inventory. With it set like this Software Inventory will run correctly all day however no actual software inventory data for any files will be gathered.  Thankfully the ‘fix’ is quick and easy.


When configuring client defaults under Administration –> Site Configuration –> Client Settings. Right click the client setting deployment you want to configure Software Inventory for and click Properties from the drop down box.

- In the Settings dialog box left hand column, click on Software Inventory

- Next to Inventory these file types, click the Set Types…. button

- In the Configure Client Setting dialog box click the sunburst icon to open the Inventoried File Properties dialog box

- In the text field enter in the file extension or specific file you want to have ConfigMgr 2012 inventory on the client systems this client setting is targeted at. For the initial inventory in this instance I am enabling searching for executable files. Click OK



- Repeat the above process as needed.  Keep in mind the more files you add to this list, the longer it will take for the software scans to complete and the more space inventory data will take in the database.


- Click OK to close the Client Settings.

Once complete, clients this profile is deployed to will take the new inventory settings at the next policy update. The next software inventory cycle will start showing results, to kick start this utilize the excellent Right Click Tools to expedite the cycle to whole groups of systems.

Until next time!


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