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Software Asset Management (SAM) has always been an extremely sought after piece of knowledge, but also an extremely lacking area in available technology and processes.  There are a lot of vendors out there that hope you never get a handle on your software assets, and they may actually make the process harder than it should be so they can soak for your thousands of dollars in licensing costs.  Adobe, one of the worst offenders, has caused so much ruckus in the industry that a special legal firm is required (in some cases) to help you understand your own company’s rights.

So, we’re excited that a brand new series on Software Asset Management is coming to myITforum for a couple reasons.  First, because, of course, it’s severely needed.  But, secondly, we are welcoming back an old friend to head up the series, Dana Daugherty.  Old timers will remember Dana from early MMS’s, where he helped with pre-MMS training classes.  Shortly after, he took a job in Saudi Arabia and he and his family moved there.  Due to the busyness of the job, we’ve only been able to hear from Dana every once in a while.  He has now transferred into a new position with his company and has more free time to provide content and help us down the SAM path.

Welcome Dana back by digging into the series and sticking with it.

The series starts here:  Have you met SAM?

And, you can continue to follow the series at this link:

Or, grab the RSS feed for the topic:


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  1. Yes its very useful, I believe there is a tool regarding the same which also helps to get out the inventory details, but the full service you will get only after registering the software fully.


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