Tip of the day: List of machines with Windows XP

This query lists all the machines with Windows XP showing the Edition, and Service Pack. This query uses the BDNA_HARDWARE_DATA class that Normalize CM populates.


select System.Name, HARDWARE.IsVirtual, HARDWARE.OS_Manufacturer, HARDWARE.OS_Name, HARDWARE.OS_MajorVersion, HARDWARE.OS_MinorVersion, HARDWARE.OS_ServicePack, HARDWARE.OS_Edition from  SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_BDNA_BDNAHARDWAREDATA_1_1 as HARDWARE on HARDWARE.SMSUniqueIdentifier = SMS_R_System.SMSUniqueIdentifier inner join SMS_R_System as System on System.SMSUniqueIdentifier = HARDWARE.SMSUniqueIdentifier where HARDWARE.OS_Name = “Windows XP”


SELECT v_R_System.Name0 as Name, Hardware.IsVirtual0 as IsVirtual, Hardware.OS_Manufacturer0 as OS_Manufacturer, Hardware.OS_Name0 as OS_Name, Hardware.OS_MajorVersion0 as OS_MajorVersion, Hardware.OS_MinorVersion0 as OS_MinorVersion, Hardware.OS_ServicePack0 as OS_ServicePack, Hardware.OS_Edition0 as OS_Edition

FROM v_R_System

INNER JOIN v_GS_BDNA_Hardware_Data0 Hardware ON Hardware.SMSUniqueIdentifier0=v_R_System.SMS_Unique_Identifier0

WHERE Hardware.OS_Name0 = ‘Windows XP’


Sample results:

OS Manufacturer OS Name OS MajorVersion OS ServicePack OS Edition
Microsoft Windows XP XP SP2 Professional
Microsoft Windows XP XP SP2 Professional x64
Microsoft Windows XP XP SP3 Professional



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