Twitter Army at TechEd 2012

With the success of the Twitter Army at MMS 2012 behind us, we’re quickly focusing on the community events supplied by at TechEd 2012 North America.  You might remember that we ran the Twitter Army at TechEd 2011, so this will be the 2nd annual event for TechEd, just like it was for MMS.  We have some additional, more interesting, community events in the works, too.  So, stay tuned.

Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out more information about how TechEd attendees can get involved in the Twitter Army at TechEd 2012, and we’ll begin, also, rolling out the documentation you’ll need to participate.  Just like MMS 2012, we will also have some unique incentives for participating, including a huge grand prize.

For now, here’s some specific information to get you started.

Official TechEd Twitter account (to follow):  @TechEd_NA

Official TechEd general Twitter hashtag:  #msTechEd

Official TechEd Twitter Army hashtag:  #msTechEdTA

Twitter Army news, follow: @myITforum

Join the TechEd Community Group:

Twitter Army at #msTechEd


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