A slide I expect to see at TechEd North America 2012

Anyone notice that “MMS 2013” is not included on the MMS 2013 announcement slide from Brad Anderson’s Wednesday keynote from MMS 2013?  Could this same slide be reused and a whole new audience at TechEd 2012 be viewing it next month?

MMS slide at TechEd?


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  1. Anxious eyes and ears await the news. With teched or without that is the question. My vote…without. No offense to teched I am sure it is a good venue but I like the ‘closemess’ of MMS. There is no other MSFT convention that allow you the community/customer to get that close up and personal with a team of developers and experts that focuses one a single family of products. It is simply one of the best learning classes I have ever been to.

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