Bible Study at MMS 2012 room confirmed

Some of you may not know, but for the past few years, we’ve had a pre-conference Bible Study that runs every morning of MMS, right before the conference breakfast.  It’s a great way to start the day, particularly since we’re in, *ahem*, Vegas.  For the first couple years I held the event in my room, but as the crowd got bigger we moved to a MMS room.

Jarvis Davis has always coordinated the morning event, providing great content, inciting thoughtful reflection, and preparing all of us for the day ahead.  Everyone is invited!

Jarvis has a post up about it that he wrote in February (5th Annual MMS Bible Study), which includes a picture of our find MMS 2011 group.  He’ll be updating the post soon with the morning details, including the topic, but I thought I’d also make you all aware of the time and place, so you can prepare to join us.

Bible Study at MMS 2012

Where:  Marco Polo 702

When:  Monday-Friday 7:30-8:30am (right before conference breakfast)

I really hope to see you there!  It’s an informal event so bring your Starbucks and be prepared to share your own thoughts and comments.  If you can’t make it right at 7:30am, no problem, but, please try to show up.

Here’s where Marco Polo 702 is located in the Venetian conference center:

Marco Polo 707

Grab the full conference center map:  Navigating the MMS 2012 Convention Center at the Venetian (558.7k)


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