Johan provides a temporary workaround for a refresh issue for ConfigMgr 2012 and MDT 2012

Johan always provides great information on deployment technologies, primarily because he works with it constantly, but also because he trains people on it.  If there’s an issue, Johan has usually seen it first and already provided a solution. 

And, here’s another instance of that.  Johan ran into a situation where the computer refresh, using ConfigMgr 2012 and MDT 2012 RC1, was failing.  He walks through the steps he utilized to troubleshoot the issue and provides a temporary workaround until a final solution is identified.

Read the full post: Troubleshooting tips – Refreshing clients with SCCM 2012 and MDT 2012 RC1


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And, help decide who will win in sheer attendance numbers, Johan or Niehaus:


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