More on the Symantec acquisition of Odyssey Software has a short interview with Brian Duckering, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Endpoint Management and Mobility, Symantec, simply titled: Symantec acquires Odyssey Software

First, off…you can tell the type of company and person you’re dealing with by the length of their title.  That’s just crazy.  And, as we all know here in the community, this acquisition was big for a couple reasons.  One, Odyssey offered a valid solution for managing mobile devices with ConfigMgr, and two, Symantec is like the mob.  Anything Symantec touches just kind of “disappears”.  If you’ve been in technology very long, and have experienced some of the Symantec acquisitions, you know how they work, and how products just seem to become non-existent after a time.

However, Brian, put a marketing spin on it…

"The acquisition wasn’t the big story," said Brian Duckering, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Endpoint Management and Mobility, Symantec. "The big announcement was that we were extending our enterprise mobility strategy, extending our capability for Android, and other platforms, and the iOS and Windows Phone 7 platforms, and that was tied to Odyssey."

The interview does provide some insight into what Symantec’s strategy with Odyssey Software will be.

I find this statement pretty interesting, which talks to my earlier statement:

Some of Symantec’s past acquisitions have not fared well, and the company is eager to stress it will do as little to mess with Odyssey’s success as possible.

"We want to change as little as possible about what Odyssey has been doing, and will continue to support their current customers and partners," Duckering said.

So, what do you think?


Read the full interview:  Symantec acquires Odyssey Software


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