Using Med-V: The definitive step-by-step

Ahmed Hussein has put together a piece of information on using Med-V that is nothing short of spectacular.  The link to this was posted on the SCCM/SMS email list based on discussions around Med-V usage.  Med-V, in case you don’t know, is a stop-gap technology that allows folks with incompatible, or legacy, apps to go ahead and migrate to Windows 7 and still be able to utilize the old applications.  Windows 7 migrations are pretty high on the list of projects and companies are pushing through to check the project off the ever-growing list.

It seems that information on Med-V is hard to come by, and if something good is found, folks bookmark it and hang on to it.  Ahmed’s post is one of those.  Ahmed talks about the benefits of Med-V, but doesn’t stop there.  He also walks through installation, setup, and usage.  This is a thorough piece of work.

Read the entire post: MEDV 2 Step By Step


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