Boundaries and Boundary Groups in ConfigMgr 2012

Boundaries are one of the most critical aspects of Configuration Manager because if they are not configured correctly a client cannot be managed because the client cannot be properly assigned to a site. And, as you’ll see below, Boundary Groups are even more important because just being part of a valid boundary does not make a client or device manageable.

A boundary consists of a any of the following:

  • IP subnet
  • Active Directory site name
  • IPv6 Prefix
  • IP address range

NOTE: If you have designated Internet-only clients, they don’t use boundary assignments and don’t utilize automatic site assignment.  Instead, they download content from the Internet-authorized distribution point configured in their site assignment.

ConfigMgr 2012 introduces a few new concepts and features to Boundaries.  Take special note as your Boundary Groups (and boundaries within) are going to require some serious planning up front.

Boundaries in ConfigMgr 2012 are no longer just specific to a site.  Just configure them for the hierarchy once and the information will be available across all sites in the hierarchy.

Boundary Groups have been defined in ConfigMgr 2012, and every boundary you set HAS to be a member of a Boundary Group.  If this is not configured correctly then any device in that specific boundary cannot identify it’s assigned site or content server.  And, a client cannot be managed if it is ONLY part of a boundary.  That boundary that the client exists in MUST be part of an overall Boundary Group.

Boundary Groups are also important because network connection speeds can no longer be configured per boundary, but instead are configured at the Boundary Group level and associated with specific site system servers.


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  1. Mark

    I have a Distribution Point that is appearing in the Site Systems tab of every boundary in my hierarchy, but that distribution point in only a member of one Boundary Group. How is this possible?

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