It’s not a great time to be a Symantec customer

You’ve probably already happened upon the recent news talking about Symantec’s security products being hacked.  At first, Symantec denied being hacked, but then finally acknowledged it.  At first, it wasn’t that big a deal, but then it became clear that the impact was greater than initially realized.  The blueprints of Symantec’s security products had been stolen.  And, if you think deeply enough you realize that is pretty monumental.  Someone, somewhere knows exactly how Symantec’s security products are architected. 

That was the security product line.

Today, another of Symantec’s products is under fire: pcAnywhere.  pcAnywhere is the application that allows control over remote PCs.  According to Reuters, Symantec is now telling customers to just stop using it.  The risk is that high.

Read the full story:  Symantec tells customers to disable pcAnywhere software

Since Microsoft jumped into the endpoint security game they have been making huge strides.  I see, regularly, where companies are migrating from other security products (Symantec being high on the list) to Microsoft Forefront.  Customers were just getting fed up.  Now, it looks like customers will start migrating to something else for another reason.  This doesn’t bode well for Symantec.

What is curious most to me, is that there has been zero coverage of a round of across-the-board layoffs at Symantec recently, particularly in the areas from the Altiris acquisition.  Being an ex-Altiris employee myself, I’ve seen the talk firsthand.  Maybe, the security issues with their products have just taken the front seat.  Or, maybe there’s more going on at Symantec than just being hacked.

UPDATE: Symantec has responded to the pcAnywhere issue with a patch that eliminates three known vulnerabilities in the product:

And, released a whitepaper to help minimize risk:


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