Using PowerShell to Check Task Sequence Package References for a DP

Michael Niehaus posted a blog post that described how to use powershell to automate the checking and replicating of referenced packages in a task sequence to all DPs. This was great work and the blog can be found here. Please read it first. :)

I updated the script to include Windows Form Prompts and the ability to select a specific task sequence and specific distribution point.

I updated the following items from version 1.0:

  • ConfigMgr Server Prompt now uses a windows form to keep in form with the other prompts
  • Task Sequence prompt has checkbox to allow ‘All Task Sequences’
  • Distribution Point prompt also has checkbox to allow ‘All Distribution Points’
  • Added new prompt with datagrid showing the missing packages asking to replicate them
  • Updated comments, removed unnecessary code I included in the first version.

Version 1.2 Update:

  • Fixed an issue with Distribution Points being assigned to the central server, and not their primary server. (Work around for New-SCCMPackageDP function)

Version 1.3 Update:

  • Now includes SCCM.PSM1 version 1.5 from Michael Niehaus. This includes a fix for the New-SCCMPackageDP function that correctly assigns the sitecode to the DP.

Feel free to give feedback or modify and make it even better.

CheckTSPrompt V1.3




Select Task Sequence:


Select Distribution Point:





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  1. Kevin

    Looking for Task sequence reference package auto updation on multiple Ts;’s

  2. Jason, This was the great post and i used this very frequently in SCCM 2007. Will this work for SCCM 2012 too?

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