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Here’s something neat.

So…for those in the know, I’ve never been much of an iOS guy, but instead use Android as my mobile device of choice – both in phone and tablet form.  There’s nothing wrong with iOS.  I just prefer Android.

Well, let’s step back for a second and realize that I was a huge and strong supporter of Windows Mobile for years and years. I raved about Windows Mobile and was one of those foolhardy people that would NOT give it up, despite when it seemed Microsoft had simply given up on the mobile operating system.  I really and truly thought I would use Windows Mobile to the day I died.  But, then reality gripped me and I realized what an antiquated operating system Windows Mobile really had become.  I eventually became embarrassed to be seen carrying around a Windows Mobile device all the while boasting that I was a gadgetman, a gadget aficionado, if you will.  I’m sure people just nodded to my face and then pointed and laughed when I walked away.  So, I turned the corner and left mobile Microsoft behind for Android.  Microsoft had given up on me…so I gave up on them.

So, a couple years later and Microsoft is trying (once again) to catch up on technology that slipped away from them while they were busy doing *something*.  So, my interest is peaked again.  But, how do I test the new Windows Phone OS without one just showing up in my mailbox unexpectedly?

Answer:  Microsoft just rolled out a demo site for both iOS and Android that is formatted for your screen and allows you to test features of Windows Phone OS on your current device.  On an iOS or Android device, type the following link into your device’s web browser (it will auto-detect which OS your mobile device is using).

The link:  http://aka.ms/wpdemo

For proof that it works, here’s me running the demo on my Droid X (Android).Windows Phone OS on the Droid X?

That’s almost sacrilegious. 


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