SCCM Right Click Tools

This is version 1.1 of the SCCM Right Click Tools. It will check for the installation of the SCCM admin console and if it does not find it the installation will exit.

Special thanks Ken Delikta he is the man behind the curtain, and also thanks to John Marcum for the changes he made to my original tool.

Version 1 includes: (This tool will not work with SMS 2003)
1. Most of the tools that were included in the original SMS Console Additions V1.4 (thanks to those guys)
2. The ability to see the computer details and security compliance web reports for a single client inside collections
3. A separate drill down for client logs as well as security update client logs.
4. The ability to check the status of an advertisement with a right click from that advertisement. In order to get the client and the advertisement web reports to work you must perform the following. Version 1.2 adds

1. Fixed the right click tools on the “collections” that didn’t open a CMD window when running. Also fixed the echo so the results now show up in a command window

Version 1.3 adds

1. Will detect the version of the tool installed so re-installation of unnecessary files does not occur when new versions are released
2. Now has an entry in Add Remove Programs which enables un-installation of the program

Version 1.4 (4/9/2008)

  1. No more hard coding of your site code to get scripts and reports to run correctly
  2. Detects and uninstalls any previous versions of the tool.
  3. Right click tool added to the software updates node, but it only works if there is a update list with patches deployed.
  4. Prefixed each tool with your SCCM site code for easier recognition
  5. Right click ability on each advertisement that will display three web reports
  6. Added a prompt to see the CCMsetup.log on the SCCM Client install
  7. Fixed the Client Action for User Policy Evaluation and Update
  8. Added all the client actions from the control panel including the Security Updates Scan and Security Updates Deployment Evaluation

Version 1.5 (5/21/2008)

  1. Added an extension to the client tools that will tell you what collection a user or system belongs to. Thanks to Matthew Hudson
  2. Added a web report to show all the advertisements for a certain system.

Version 1.6 (5/30/2008)

  1. CCM and CCMSetup directories now work properly.

Version 1.7 (6/17/2008)

  1. Added the Software Updates Scan Cycle to the Collection root so it runs not just on one client but a whole collection. Requested by a member from the forum community.

Version 1.8 (2/13/2009)

  1. Added Support for Windows 2008 64bit.
  2. New Tool to Re-run advertisements from a drop down list.
  3. Added the ability to run client actions from the Query results.
  4. Fixed issue with script.bat

Version 1.9 (3/24/2009)

  1. Added Reboot/Shutdown options for client machines.

Version 2.0 (4/1/2010)

  1. Replaced some of the VB scripts with custom HTA’s
  2. Added new code to make the install easier
  3. Complete rewrite of some of the tools


Download: SCCM Right-click Tools (5.4m)


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