Good news for you and Configuration Manager Client Health!

Our recent survey on SCCM client health has generated some good value for all of you.  Not only has the survey seemed to have hit a sweet spot with SCCM admins everywhere (response has been phenomenal), but it has raised some eyebrows in the ranks of Microsoft Premiere Support.

If you haven’t participated in the survey, yet, you still can here: Poll- How much time does poor SCCM Client Health cost you?

Earlier today, I had a nice, sit-down chat (over Lync) with the folks in charge of an add-on service to CMRAP (take time to read that correctly – it’s not “crap” – even though, at first glance it could be).  They have been working on some awesome stuff in the area of SCCM client health and remediation.  I was able to take a look at some monumental technologies that the group is currently working on and also has released as a product/service through Premiere Support.  I could go into a bunch more detail here and probably get into NDA issues, but I’m actually saving that for an upcoming interview with the group that I’ll also be posting here.

In the interim, they’ve allowed me to share something with you to give you a taste of what I saw today and what I’ll be covering a bit later on in the interview (and potentially also a podcast).  The System Center Client Health & Remediation Service doc has been uploaded to the Configuration Manager Group’s documents area, and you can download it from there:  (download is currently disabled, see update below)

I’m sure you’ll have all kinds of questions about this, so feel free to ping me in the comments here, or join 3.0 and send me a private or public message.

UPDATE:  The group responsible for the service and the doc gave me the green light to post.  About 2 hours later, I received an email from Microsoft legal asking me to take it down.  We sent emails back and forth for a couple days, with the responsible group trying to get “approval” to place their own doc on myITforum.  I was off a couple days so it was just easier to disable download of the doc until the folks at Microsoft work it out.  The doc is completely public, but Microsoft is still working out the details and I’m waiting to hear back.  We can still distribute it, but Microsoft legal is worried that the doc will be updated soon and we wouldn’t have the most current revision.  If you want to see the doc, just send me a message here on the new

What will probably happen is that they’ll just give us a fwlink for permanent posting of the doc so that the most current rev will always be available.


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  1. John Anderson

    Client Health is killing me and anything I can do to improve it would be awesome. I would love a look at the document any way you can email me a copy?

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    I would love to read this document as well. Could I get a copy?

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    Could you send me the document? We are working on SCCM client health in our enviroment.


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    I’m also interested in this doc.

  8. I would appreciate a copy as well. SCCM client health is ruining mine.

  9. FFI

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    Can you please send me the very interesting doc also.
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  10. Meg

    Hi Rod, hope you’re doing well. I’d like to request a copy as well. Thank you!!

  11. Rod, I would love a copy of the document. Thank You!

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  13. Hi Rod, please send a copy. Thanks Again! Kurt

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