ConfigMgr 2012: CU5 for SP1 Now Available

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KB is available here Issues that are fixed Task sequences The Continue on error check box is not selected under Task Sequences when an Install Software step and a Virtual Application package are defined as the source. This affects only task sequences that are migrated from Configuration Manager 2007 to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. […]

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Reducing License Compliance Risk from Enterprise App Stores

By Vincent Smyth, Senior Vice President of EMEA at Flexera Software. Originally posted on ITProPortal You know the mood in the corporate world is optimistic when enterprises shift their focus from “down to the bone” cost-cutting measures to enhancing operational efficiency and innovative projects. 46% of CIOs reported increases in IT budgets in the last year to fund projects designed to improve the effectiveness of their operations, according to a recent Harvey Nash survey. This is indeed good news. Technology-led as we are today, innovation in the enterprise is to a large extent being driven by software applications – look…

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ConfigMgr 2012: SQL Maintenance Plans and Index Optimization Recommendations

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Recently caught some emails going around about recommended backup and maintenance plans as it relates to ConfigMgr. Also plenty of discussions around whether or not addition index optimization is required beyond the built-in Rebuild Indexes task that can be configured as part of the built-in Site Maintenance task.  As far as what I recommend and […]

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3 Top Tips: Building Installations for Today’s App-Savvy Users

As technology has become more sophisticated, so have users. Expectations run high for easy-to-use software. And where do they experience their first impression of software? When the installation begins! To exceed expectations, check out these three tips: Tip #1: Build Single Suite Installations Users want to install once. Create installers that bundle multiple products together into one unified installation. Tip #2: Shorten Download Wait Time Time expectations have shortened and users want downloads to start ASAP. Build installations with technology that reduces their wait time. Tip #3: Freshen Up How the Installation Looks Today’s users know what modern looks like…

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Optimizing Oracle licenses, including trade-in credits to move to the cloud

By Vincent Brasseur Oracle Maintenance & Support must be paid on all licenses included in a single license set regardless of their use; the support level must be identical across a license set. A license set is a group of software or features that are associated together in some way. For instance, all Oracle database editions (Enterprise, Standard, Standard One and Personal) are in the same license set. This license set also includes any additional options and management packs that can be added to an Oracle database. Regardless of the use of the licenses, maintenance is due on all licenses…

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