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  • My search for a new RSS reader

    Over the past couple days I’ve been searching for a new RSS reader, as I mentioned in the past couple Daily News broadcasts . John Gormly sent me the link to a new one that he uses. I may try this out today. GreatNews:
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 11-06-2007
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  • Cleaning up my RSS feeds today

    As I noted in today’s News Broadcast , I’m tired of MS Outlook 2007’s performance and I think it might have to do with the now integrated RSS feeds. So, I’m going to delete the feeds that are no longer worth keeping, export my OPML, and install something I found...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 11-05-2007
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  • System Center Blogs I Follow - or, giving away my secrets

    Being an avid blog reader gives you quite an advantage when you read the latest news and trends. Attached to this blog post is my OPML of excellent RSS feeds for System Center. Just import it into your favorite RSS reader and have fun. I'll update this periodically as I find new ones. I'd appreciate...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 11-01-2007
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  • RSS for (almost) everything in the Microsoft Knowledge Base

    If you haven’t started using RSS feeds to gather information, maybe now it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon. Microsoft has rolled-out RSS feeds for almost every product in their Support Knowlege Base so that you see the most recently published articles as they are posted. SCCM 2007 isn’t...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 10-12-2007
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  • BlogJet released to fix bugs

    Today we released BlogJet This is mostly a bug-fix release. Here’s what we fixed: Fixed: bug with Flickr. Fixed: error when getting recent posts from Blogger blogs. Fixed: unable to upload images with ampersand in path or filename. Fixed other small issues. BlogJet is free upgrade...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 09-14-2007
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  • Never realized this feature was available

    For the first time since running Outlook 2007 and having Outlook manage my RSS feeds, I realized that there is a “Share This Feed” feature. Did you know it was there? When I read posts from the RSS stream, I generally just read them in the Outlook 2007 preview pane, so I’ve never actually...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 06-12-2007
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  • First thing I've heard from NewsGator since IE7 and Outlook 2007 was released

    I may have to see what they have to offer these days. Here’s what I received in email today… ======================== Subject: Free from NewsGator – news the way you like it! Body: We’ve updated our web site and wanted to point out some great new free stuff for you! • FREE...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 05-08-2007
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  • A better way to read news feeds?

    I didn’t think it was possible — but the RSS Reader built into the Windows Vista Sidebar is pretty cool. If you have a lot of screen real estate, where your app windows don’t get in the way, this may beat reading RSS feeds through MS Outlook or IE7. Try it if you get a chance.
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 03-05-2007
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  • Adobe releases myFeedz

    Adobe joins the feed management mania but releasing myFeedz. myFeedz is a social newspaper because what people talk about matters. But people talk about too many things. myFeedz finds what's important from the sea of information out there and shows you what you need to read. It learns from what you like...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 02-18-2007
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  • Taking Outlook 2007 to the next step

    Well, after installing Office 2007 and taking a look at the Add-ons I had installed for Outlook 2003, I decided to remove NewsGator and just let Outlook 2007 manage my RSS feeds. Updating the RSS feeds is just a normal Send/Receive function of Microsoft Outlook. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll...
    Posted to Rod Trent at (Weblog) by rodtrent on 11-28-2006
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