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From Sean Donahue (Microsoft): A tongue in cheek saying we used to use at Softricity went something like this; “With SoftGrid you NEVER have to install an application again, (cough) except our client”...
11-06-2007 2,293 Download
File Size 146.8kB
From Sean Donahue (Microsoft): The following is the first in a series of excerpts from text that I wrote with the help of John Flanagan and Brian Kelly. We used this as an extension of the SoftGrid training...
11-06-2007 703 Download
File Size 192.6kB
From Sean Donahue (Microsoft): This is the second in the series of “Inside The…” books for SoftGrid, “Inside The Sequencer”. The purpose of this text is to define the process of the SoftGrid Sequencer...
11-06-2007 786 Download
File Size 49.5kB
From Sean Donahue (Microsoft): Sequencing is a 34 step process or thereabouts. I usually say that it is a 3 phase process, and although that is true, there are three major phases of the Sequencer, each...
11-06-2007 802 Download
File Size 47.1kB
Did you know SCCM can be used to provide client updates and signature updates to Client Security? Deploying and maintaining your Forefront client Security clients can be automated using System Center Configuration...
04-04-2008 491 Download
File Size 588.2kB
Mark Cochrane's RegKeytoMof, version 3.1. RegKeytoMof is used to quickly create custom Hardware Inventory entries formatted correctly for the sms_def.mof and configuration.mof files, when the target...
12-01-2010 11,876 Download
File Size 30.1kB
by Charles O. Beima. Dell ImageDirect is a web-based service that allows customers to create one multi-platform Windows XP Professional SP2 image that includes the most current Dell drivers and works across...
03-27-2008 6,195 Download
File Size 203.9kB
Microsoft® Deployment Solution Accelerator provides technology for deploying Windows® operating systems, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft Deployment is the next version...
11-14-2007 22,571 Download
File Size 358kB
This documentation set includes the following documents: • SoftGrid Client Installation Guide (Client_Installation_Guide.pdf) • SoftGrid Platform Administration Guide (Platform_Admin_Guide.pdf) • SoftGrid...
08-13-2007 609 Download
File Size 9.1MB
Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) works with customers every day to aid in the design and deployment of Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization solutions. This guide is a compilation of practices...
02-15-2008 1,550 Download
File Size 1.5MB
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